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"I still have your underwear."
"And I still have your virginity."
- Juno 2007
We got up. Got dressed. Ate. Sat around. Went into the town. Came home. Bathed. Slept.
And we were getting annoyed, everyone annoyed at each other. The slightest sigh would set someone off. Then they wouldn't speak to us for the rest of the day.
I got up. Friedrich was knocking on the door,
"Anton?" He called through the door, "Are you up?"
"Yes." I called back, rubbing my eyes as I stood in front of the mirror.
"Sophia is here, she wants to see you."
I opened the door slightly and poked my head out,
"Really? I'm not ready."
"Yes, really." Friedrich replied tartly, event though he was only joking. He checked his watch, "It's almost ten o'clock. You were up late reading again weren't you?"
I nodded and shut the door. "Tell her I'll be ready soon." I said through the door.
Friedrich walked away.
We were very different, in looks and in qualities. His hair and eyes were very dark, he had darker skin than me. He was overweight and 5ft on a good day. I was 6ft1, fair skinned with pale eyes and light hair, thinner. We were both moody and short tempered but he was louder about it, screaming and shouting constantly, I just sulked.

Sophia was waiting at the bottom of the hallway stairs, Friedrich eagerly chatting away to her. She wore a simple, emerald green, silk dress, black shoes and stockings. A green sun hat of the same tone was in her hands.
"Good morning." She said, smiling up at me as I walked down the stairs, grinning back. My smile went to one side, it was wonky.
"And good morning to you too." I replied as I reached the bottom of the stairs. Sophia opened her arms and embraced me tight. Sweet smelling perfume drifting from her hair.
"How have you been?" She asked, stepping away but keeping ahold of my hands. Pearly white gloves adorned her delicate hands, up to her wrist, where -on the left wrist- a blue bracelet sat. "I've been.. well." I replied. We laughed.  
"Good good." Sophia looked up at me. "Anyway, I came over to ask if you would like to come on a walk with me...Would you?" She smiled the whole way through the sentence.
I nodded, "I would. Just let me get my jacket."
"It's warm outside." She told me.
"It's just in case." I said.

We walked back into the town through the forest, jacket in my arms.
As She Left Rewrite..
Here is the long promised rewrite of as she left.. The start anyway..
Anton x Sophia 
trashy drama
not gonna be back anytime soon.
have a hella cool time on here everyone.
(i hate this goddamn website) eeeeheh

tumblr: glen-ish 
check out my current art on tumblr: glen-is-a-dafty

no buns here, so my anaconda don't want none///


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Just call me Ingi, k?
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I really really like Iceland and music from Iceland ohmygod Iceland gives me a total boner.

I'm ashamed of how much I used to be a weaboo.
So now, I'm ironically a weaboo
Kawaii desu ne

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